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Dear Disquisitioner:

Webster’s New World Dictionary refers to “dis•qui•sit•ion” as a noun and a “formal discussion … often in writing.”

If you’re looking for a different perspective about life, love, and liberty, then you’ve found the right place. This wonderful platform called “Substack” is a powerful tool. Writers around the world enjoy new opportunities to share their experiences with others. And perhaps make a shilling or two.

At first glance, disquisition might seem like a 25-cent word in a nickel conversation. But get this. According to Google Keyword Planner, the word brings about 29-hundred searches each month!

So after doing some thumbing through Roget’s, it seems I’ve come to the right title for this newsletter as well!

What do I have to say to create such a digital space for such an odd name?

My focus is on improving my writing. Centering conversations around the Mac’s New Oxford American Dictionary definition of disquisition.

New Oxford American Dictionary entry for disquisition
New Oxford American Dictionary entry for the term “disquisition.”

My elder twin Gen Z daughter says, “We don’t read, Dad. Video is where it’s at.”

So this, too, shall be brief.

My main topics of interest for this newsletter are:

  • Life and Life Lessons—Where do we even begin

  • Love—A subject that remains a mystery to me

  • Technology—Which for me translates to “All things Apple;” I used to make interactive books for iPad

  • News—Once printer’s ink gets in your blood, there’s no cure

  • Politics—I graduated and went straight to work for two governors. A presidential campaign came along. I had front-row seats in three gubernatorial races and a statewide judicial race. In Dallas, I helped pass a $1.37 billion bond program for public schools. Served as the communications director with three public school districts. Promoted Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Science programs for a large energy company. Their priority centered on at-risk youth in big cities across America.

  • Writing—I’ve written three novels that remain in draft form; one close to querying

  • Books—Over the last six years, I’ve read more than 150 novels and more than 40 books on craft

A sudden pivot

I’ve decided on putting the bulk of this material behind a paywall. Why?

Seven years ago I sustained an injury to my lower lumbar. There’s an eight-inch scar up my back to prove it. Two other scars are from a pain stimulator along my spinal cord. The gizmo blocks pain signals to my brain every other 60 seconds. “Nothing down here hurts. Go on about your business!” it says.

Last year I sought disability from the Social Security Administration. Like 90 percent of the rest who apply, they denied my application.

Why? Because by their “last date of coverage,” I was still fighting daily to get things fixed. For the last six years, I’ve seen my job as getting doctors to heal my back. To stop the pain.

My teams of specialists have me on 25-27 pills per day. For 10.5 months took opioids. Multiple bottles of Percocet; quantity 90 per month. Wore fentanyl patches. Hydrocodone. Gabapentin—which causes weight gain. “Lose weight,” my doctors said.

I took myself off the opioids.

Many doctors specialize in writing prescriptions. Drug companies make a killing keeping people alive.

And because so many medicines “May cause dizziness,” I walk with a cane. Each successful step is a victory. First, I push through the pain.

Second, all but three times so far, I don’t fall.

So my ability to work a “real job” received some revamping.

I write here on Substack. Monday through Friday, I work to publish on Medium.com. During the last 12 months, I overhauled my social media presence. I created DonaldJClaxton.com. In mid-March 2022, I expanded to YouTube.

This is my real job.

If you like what you read, please become a paid subscriber. I offer three email newsletters with a keen focus.

Through healthy, positive discussions, we can make some actual, positive changes in the world.

My other two newsletters; one for writers, the other for adventurists

Full-frontal Nudity of the Soul for Writers banner

Some of you will enjoy the Full-Frontal Nudity of the Soul for Writers. Wait until you hear how Ottessa Moshfegh described her novel, My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

The key to better writing requires revealing the full-frontal nudity of your soul. We must all dig deep into our wells of experience and supply ample emotion.

Full-Frontal Nudity of the Soul for Writers publishes on Tuesdays.

The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club banner.

The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club features my interest in adventures. While also a title of my work in progress, this newsletter is dear to my heart. I am one for the road not taken. The snowy the better.

We all have grand adventures to share.

The VHEC publishes on Thursdays.

I hope you find these bodies of writing and video engaging, educational, fun, and inspiring.

They “niche down,” as they say.

Thanks for reading Disquisition. Subscribe to receive new posts and stay informed.

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